Alan G

We purchased our first pet dog last year and was recommended by the pet store to take our furry friend over to the village veterinary hospital. Being a first time dog owner, I was (and still am) constantly worried about my dog’s health. That being said, I used to constantly call the office to ask for advice and help, and the staff at Village Vet were (and still are) very patient, respectful, helpful, and incredibly approachable. This also goes for Dr. Innes, the Vet. Our dog has allergy issues and Dr. Innes has been very thorough in addressing and remedying his problems. Even though our dog is a little monster, Dr. Innes handles him with care and a smile, never getting frustrated at my dog’s stubborn ways. This makes taking our pooch to him even more reassuring because we know that our dog is in trustworthy hands and will get the best treatment. Whats really great is that whenever we make an appointment, the staff tries to fit us in as soon as possible, to avoid long waits. That is really awesome.
As for costs, like the previous reviewer said, “you get what you pay for.” I know that Dr. Innes is much better than many other vets around my area, so its worth taking my dog to him. In general, though, his pricing is about the same as any other vet, so no complaints there.
For the service and treatment you get for your dog, the incredibly friendly and helpful staff, and an overall great vet, I really suggest this veterinary clinic. Like I said before, being a first time dog owner, I have learned a lot about dogs from Dr. Innes and his staff, and know that my dog is in good hands.